Be well. live well.
Be well. live well.
Vive provides an ultra-secure, integrated platform to increase access to resources which enables users to transform the quality of their healthcare experience and promote achievable wellness.

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Vive Wellness is always available – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – to meet your physical fitness and therapeutic needs.

Our physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and specialists, such as chiropractors, are available to meet you in your location. We provide our clients with physical check-ups, urgent care services and wellness visits, such as vitamin infusions, hydration, anti-aging, and holistic performance services. Our commitment to meet your needs of convenience never compromise excellence in care, safety, or protocol as we provide the best care at the hands of the best professionals.



Vive provides a vast and ever-expanding network of professional physicians and nurses of the highest pedigree who are focused on wellness and have committed themselves to achieving results for their patients. Our physicians are highly regarded experts in their respective fields who are serving the needs of the most discriminating patients - those who demand excellence and are looking to take their quest for physical wellness to the next level of development and beyond.

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Vive offers a full spectrum of wellness services to individuals and corporate clients. Please contact a Vive representative to learn about wellness treatment options. We offer a broad range of expertise and resources, including, but not limited to:

Urgent Care Support
Holistic Facial Wrinkle Reduction
Body Contouring
Nutritional Guidance and Tailored Planning
Core Fat Reduction
Weight Loss and Metabolic Enhancement
Critical Care Support
Stem Cell Therapy
Cardiac Testing
Advanced Brain Performance Testing
Food Sensitivity Testing
Tailored Hormone Treatment for Women at all Stages
Testosterone Replenishment and Support for Men
Chiropractic Services
Advanced Stretch Therapy
Mobile Service
Urgent Care
Expedited Physician Access
Preventative and Holistic Care
Cardio Fitness
Energy Recovery
Myers Cocktail with Added Enhancement
Detox IV
Muscle Recovery
Stress Relief and Treatment
Hangover Recovery
Cold and Flu Treatment
Overall Immunity Booster
Beauty Enhancement
Wellness Discovery and Treatment

Note: The section above does not reflect the broad range of services offered by our incredible physicians or wellness professionals. All services are made available in our Vive Wellness Centers or delivered to our clients’ location through our Concierge Services Team. Please enquire by contacting a Vive representative.

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Vive partners with the you of today and the you of the future to focus on improving your health and helping you achieve a true state of wellness for you and your family. Collectively, we engage not only in the best healthcare practices but also embrace nature and advanced sciences to treat the whole you. We are a service for discriminating patients who are fully committed to taking control of their states of health and wellness. Founded in 2017 by a team of physicians, nurses, and technology experts, Vive partners with you by providing concierge services, whether at home, work or anywhere else. Our goal is to address your most pressing non-emergency needs. We believe in providing a path toward improved health care that focuses on a treatment plan for today, tomorrow, and the years of life ahead.


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