About Us

VIVE Care is a virtual care platform with a sole mission: to democratize care for everyone, everywhere. We are committed to building the world’s first fully inclusive healthcare ecosystem to raise the standard of care for all people along the economic spectrum. Based in Los Angeles, VIVE Care is the only telehealth company in the United States that is women & minority founded, owned and operated. We understand that issues of racial bias in healthcare have only been amplified by the global outbreak of COVID-19 and that access to virtual care for all is needed now more than ever. Over two years in the making, VIVE Care can now emerge as a solution to provide equitable care for everyone.

VIVE Cares COVID-19 Center

VIVE is launching its virtual care platform ahead of schedule to provide essential care services to overlooked and underserved populations with the most need. Underserved communities with already compromised access to care have been disproportionately affected by the recent outbreak of COVID-19.

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Who We Are

Bringing together the best talents across leadership, industry and advocacy, we aim to break down the barriers to quality care. With flexible costs and services across specialty medicine, primary care, urgent care, and preventive care plans through the VIVE Wellness Hub; our network of specialists are diverse in practice, background, expertise and training to help keep us all healthy in the long term.

Through our VIVE I Care program, we give providers a platform to give back to the community and opportunity to deliver essential services at no cost to underserved patients. VIVE works in partnership with community leaders, political advocates, health systems, enterprise and our patient and provider networks to make this possible.